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About RadarSync

RadarSync is a world leader in PC update and data aggregation technologies. Our vision is to make using a PC as easy and painless as using a television by seamlessly maintaining and updating PC hardware and software. To learn more, take our short course on device drivers and PC hardware (coming soon)

Read about RadarSync on ITWire, jkOnTheRun (GigaOM), WebWorkerDaily, Yahoo! Tech, Lifehacker, and Gamers Circle      and find out why we're the top site on Google searches for 'Vista drivers' and 'Windows 7 drivers' with no 'SEO' efforts.

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Our founder: N.G. Gordon

Our Products

RadarSync 2009 PC Updater software keeps your computer running better and safer and lengthens its lifespan by keeping your hardware drivers and software applications up-to-date at all times.

Packzoola is the latest social network for software lovers: discover, share, and create online packs of your favorite software!

RadarSync Driver data syndication services connect websites or software applications to our database of driver information pages and download links, allowing our partners to instantly build a driver download site.

White-listing services provide access to RadarSync's proprietary database of white-listed software updates.

Unique IP

RadarSync's unique update technology (patent pending) was developed by our team of software engineers in Israel in cooperation with our long-term partners among the leading manufacturers of basic computer hardware components in Taiwan. We also own a database of nearly 1 million white listed driver and software updates.


RadarSync distributes its software directly over the Internet (www.radarsync.com), through retail distributors, ISVs, branded websites, and a global network of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Corporate Information

The RadarSync brand is owned by SNG Networks, Inc., a privately owned company with 12 employees and offices located in Illinois, California and Israel. SNG Networks' other assets include Home Radio and ComplainApp

1952 First Street, Highland Park, IL USA

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