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Q: What part of RadarSync is FREE?

A: Some of RadarSync's features are free, and some are not.

What's FREE?
- Update Scan: Scanning your computer for new updates is free -- your scan results show you all of the recommended device driver updates for your computer, as well as details on the recommended files.
- Download Updates from RadarSync.com: Using the information from your scan results, you can go to our driver pages to find and download your updates.
- Driver Backup: Select the 'Backup & Restore' tab on PC Updater to create a backup of your files. You can backup all drivers, or select specific devices. To reinstall drivers, use the simple 'Restore' feature. Backup and restore are especially useful if you need to reformat your PC or want to roll back to an earlier driver version. For extra security, save your backup file on an external drive, in addition to the local version that is automatically created.

What requires registration?
- Automatic download of updates: RadarSync Premium automatically downloads and installs your updates for you. Just select the files you want, and RadarSync takes care of everything. Using automatic downloads ensures that you're getting the right updates for your system and takes the hassle out of updating.
- Download management: Keep track of the updates you've downloaded and installed using RadarSync Premium. Your 'Downloads' folder makes it easy for you to manage your updates, and re-download or delete them if you choose.
- System restore : Before you update, PC Updater sets a system restore point for your computer. This is an essential step for driver updates, which can be challenging for even the most advanced users.
- Update Scheduler: Never miss an update when you schedule regular scans with RadarSync Premium's update scheduler.
- Backup & Restore: PC Updater makes it easy to create a backup of your device drivers, and automatically restores them for you when you use the 'Restore' feature. - VIP Tech Support: As a Premium Member, you'll get first priority from our tech support team. We promise to answer your support questions within 24 hours after receiving them.

Q: Why should I choose RadarSync?

A: RadarSync is simply the best, most comprehensive program available for updating your computer in order to keep it safe and running well over the long term. With RadarSync, you have the peace of mind when you know that everything's been taken care of for you: you don't need to know what's installed on your computer, who the manufacturers are of the different parts of your computer, or how to identify the exact file that your computer needs. Unlike other update programs, RadarSync finds updates for hardware and device drivers. This comprehensive solution means that you get all the bug fixes available, all the new features you want, all the security holes closed up, and all the functionality restored for your computer. And unlike other drivers sites, RadarSync doesn't depend on a static database of drivers created and maintained (or not) by human beings. RadarSync uses its smart update technology to find exactly which drivers you need and finds you the right driver every time -- from wherever it's located, or wherever it's moved to. In addition, using RadarSync's system restore feature, you can be confident that that you'll be happy with the results of an update - or else easily turn back the clock to the way things were before you installed the update.
RadarSync updates the following types of drivers:
    –Sound card drivers
    –Printer drivers
    –Video card drivers
    –Motherboard drivers
    –Webcam drivers
    –Wireless drivers
    –Bluetooth drivers
    –FireWire drivers
    –Ethernet drivers
    –Windows XP drivers
    –Windows Vista drivers
    –USB drivers
    –Chipset drivers
    –AC97 drivers
    –DVD drivers
    –Router drivers

Q: What is the difference between RadarSync and Windows Update or the update tool from the manufacturer that came with my computer?

A: The best way to answer that question is simply run all of them and compare! In general, Windows Update only finds fixes for Windows bugs and security holes. Some computer manufacturers include their own software update programs with the computer, but these generally aren't very effective in finding the updates your PC needs. They also don't take care of products that didn't come with your computer (like a printer or scanner made by a different company). We do recommend using those pre-installed software to find the very particular updates they recommend (why not, it's free), but not for comprehensive computer care.

Q: What is a Driver?

A: Drivers are the little programs that help the different parts of your computer -- keyboard, printer, graphics card, etc. -- talk to each other and work together. The problem is that most computers (even brand new ones) have outdated drivers, because the manufacturers of all those computer components update and rewrite their drivers all the time, but don't have the means to get the updates to you, besides posting them on their websites. So unless you're in the habit of visiting dozens of hardware manufacturer websites every couple of weeks to search for updates, RadarSync is your best bet for performing essential driver update maintenance.

PC WORLD Magazine: "As we all know, many hardware problems can be corrected by merely updating to the latest version of a driver. The problem is finding which hardware drivers are out of date."

Q: Why do I need to update my drivers?

A: Experts recommend updating your drivers as the first line of attack against many computer problems. Using RadarSync to maintain your computer can prevent these problems before they occur. Computer drivers are a lot like automobile drivers: Good drivers get you where you want to go; bad drivers mean you won't get anywhere.

Q: How long has RadarSync been doing drivers updates?

A: We've been in the business of computer updates for ten years. We began by creating custom update programs for computer and component manufacturers and, once we'd gained that experience, we moved on to develop RadarSync as a comprehensive update tool for PCs. The expertise we gained working with these computer makers has made RadarSync what it is today: the best program available for updating your drivers and keeping your computer safe and running well.

Q: What is the Driver Alert Service? Is it part of RadarSync?

A::Driver Alerts is a new service from RadarSync. Subscribers, as well as PC Updater Premium members, receive scheduled Alerts via Email whenever new drivers become available for their computers. Users who have purchased PC Updater can then run their scan to download the drivers. Other subscribers may use the information to look for the driver updates themselves. To try the Driver Alert Service, simply run PC Updater and accept the sign-up offer when you exit the program.


Q: What is a restore point?

A: A restore point is your computer's memory of which programs were installed on it and how it was set up at a particular time. Using RadarSync to set a restore point before you install a new update is a good idea. That way if you don't like what the update has done to your computer you can easily go back to the way things were. For more information on this feature, see our Help files.

Q: Is there some way I can mark an update on my results list so that it doesn't appear every time I check for updates? There are some newer versions that I just don't want to install.

A: Yes. Simply add that driver to your 'Ignore' list under the Options menu on PC Updater. If you'd like to get updates for that driver later, simply remove it from the Ignore List.

Q: Does RadarSync find driver updates for printers, scanners, and other peripherals?

A: Yes, it does. Just make sure that the device is connected to your computer and turned on before you run RadarSync.

Q: How can I re-download a program or update that I already downloaded using RadarSync software?

A: Go to "Downloads" and select the item you want to re-download.


Q: Is RadarSync suitable for use with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, or with Windows XP 64-bit?

A: Yes, RadarSync is fully compatable with 64-bit versions of Windows!

Q: How do I install a driver updates?

A: No worries - PC Updater takes care of driver installation for you, with no intervention on your part!

Q: I tried to download an update but I received an error message stating "Link not found" or does not work.

A: Click the 'Feedback' button on PC Updater's homepage to tell us about the problem.

Q: I am trying to run Radarsync. However, a message tells me that I need to install .net framework v2.0.50727, and to contact the application maker. How do I get .net framework v2.0.50727?

A: You can get .Net directly from Microsoft's website: http://www.microsoft.com/net/Download.aspx

Q: I have received a message from Windows that the driver you recommended is not approved for my operating system.

A: Microsoft charges hardware manufacturers for "WHQL" certification for their drivers to prove Windows compatibility. Some manufacturers choose not to pay Microsoft and therefore their drivers are not certified. RadarSync only delivers drivers from reputable hardware manufacturers and we therefore recommend download and installation of both WHQL and non-WHQL drivers. In addition, Microsoft no longer accepts certification submissions for the Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition operating system and Windows® 98. As a result, drivers updated since that time for the Windows Millennium/98 Edition operating systems are non certified WHQL. Soon the same for XP®

Q: How can I get tech support for my computer?

A: RadarSync tech support can be reached at support[at]radarsync[dot]com

Q: RadarSync updated one of my programs but I want to go back to the version I had before.

A: To 'roll back' a driver an earlier version, go to 'Backup' menu and select 'Restore'. Select the drivers you want to restore and PC Updater will take care of the rest.


Q: I've purchased RadarSync PC Updater. How do I get my software?

A: Open RadarSync and go to the Register menu and login as a paid user using your email address and activation code. Your software should convert to the paid version. The license you purchase may be used for up to three computers in your home. If you have problems activating your account, send us a message to support[at]radarsync[dot]com

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?

A: Yes, and a very good one - see our affiliates section. We have an API that you can use to display driver information and link to driver updates from your site. See, for example, our partner DownloadAtoZ's driver section.

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