Flash Message

RadarSync is committed to best email practices.


RadarSync strongly enforces sending email only to individuals who wish to receive it. We will only send you email related to your RadarSync subscription or trial membership, and will remove your email address from your database upon request.

Reporting Abuses

Individuals who receive email that they believe they have not opted to receive should forward the email to support@radarsync.com We take these reports seriously.


Individuals who no longer wish to receive email from RadarSync should just click on the unsubscribe link to be taken to a web page to be removed. RadarSync unsubscribe pages are just that. They unsubscribe the email recipient. If you are unable to do this, please send an email to support@radarsync.com requesting to be unsubscribed. It will be immediately taken care of.

Email Bounce Handling

The RadarSync policy is to remove subscribers whose emails hard bounce 3 consecutive times within 15 days.