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01/27/2017: S.A.D. announces release of RadarSync PC Updater 2017: Read the latest press release from RadarSync's German partner and distributor, S.A.D.. Read the S.A.D. Press Release on RadarSync PC Updater 2017

12/3/2016: RadarSync announces release of RadarSync PC Updater 2017.The new version contains the following updates: optimization for Windows 10 and tablets running Windows and Microsoft operating systems, back end development of driver update technology, continued support for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP driver updates.

11/29/2016: RadarSync announces the upcoming release of RadarSync PC Updater 2017. The new version will be optimized for Windows 10 updates and drivers for all windows versions. It will be released simultaneously in the US and European markets in early December 2016.

09/7/2016: RadarSync releases a new version fully compatible with Windows 10. RadarSync fully updates Windows 10 drivers, Windows 8 drivers, Windows 7 drivers, Windows Vista drivers, and Windows XP drivers, including drivers by companies such as Nvidia and other graphics drivers, Intel, AMD, and other motherboard drivers, Realtek and other audio drivers and more.

05/28/2014: S.A.D. of Germany is distributing RadarSync PC Updater online and in retail stores in Germany and Austria. PC Updater can currently be found in over 100 retail stores in Germany and is selling strongly via S.A.D.'s download site.

05/15/2013: RadarSync promoted by Softwareload.deThanks to our partners at Nexway, RadarSync PC Updater is being promoted and featured this week on Softwareload.de. It's selling for 15 Euro for the 2 Yr/3PC license. This is a very good deal. And now in German: RadarSync PC Updater ist auf den Verkauf von Softwareload.de 2 Jahre / 3 PCs für nur 15 Euro

03/31/2013: RadarSync is now on Softwareload.de ! Thanks to our partners at Nexway, RadarSync is now selling strongly in Germany via Nexway on Softwareload.de - one of Germany's leading download and technology websites.

03/31/2013: RadarSync on Baixaki.co.br ! RadarSync now speaks Portuguese! Download and try it now on Brazil's leading software site.

03/13/2013: Justmyshop of Japan, one of the biggest online retailers, is having a special promotion of RadarSync 24 month licenses this week. Snatch one up while you can (and if you do software in Japanese)

02/22/2013: Vector Japan Awards RadarSync a Special Award Vector, Japan's leading technology website, has awarded RadarSync PC Updater with a Special Award in its 2013 Vector Awards competition. Visit RadarSync Japan at http://www.radarsync.jp/ to see more of what our great Japan team is doing!

2/13/2013: PC Advisor: PC Updater Review "RadarSync's PC Updater 2012 offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution for updating your PC's drivers. The application quickly scans for and identifies the out-of-date drivers lurking on your computer, and makes installing the newer versions a cinch...RadarSync PC Updater did, however, identify a few drivers that rival products missed....Installing the drivers in question is a breeze, though, as PC Updater handles all the necessary steps--including creating a System Restore point and a backup of the existing driver--automatically. Radar Sync's PC Updater is comprehensive and easy to use." -- Liane Cassavoy, PC World

2/13/2013: PC Advisor: PC Updater Review "RadarSync's PC Updater 2012 offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution for updating your PC's drivers. The application quickly scans for and identifies the out-of-date drivers lurking on your computer, and makes installing the newer versions a cinch...RadarSync PC Updater did, however, identify a few drivers that rival products missed....Installing the drivers in question is a breeze, though, as PC Updater handles all the necessary steps--including creating a System Restore point and a backup of the existing driver--automatically. Radar Sync's PC Updater is comprehensive and easy to use." -- Liane Cassavoy, PC World

05/1/2012: PC World: Editorial Review of RadarSync PC Updater "PC Updater automatically began scanning my computer, and promptly presented me with a list of 24 outdated drivers than needed updates. Free rival SlimDrivers identified half of that number... I like PC Updater's comprehensive approach. Radar Sync's PC Updater is comprehensive and easy to use." -- Liane Cassavoy, PC World

11/20/2010: How gamers and techies keep their computers updated "Without the help of a third-party solution, like RadarSync, you would need to contact your computer or component manufacturer with any questions about the availability and installation of updated drivers for your computer. However RadarSync does all of this for you automatically, and renders hour guess work and frustration down to a few clicks of the mouse."

04/16/2010: From CHIP Online: RadarSync PC Updater Deutsch "Veraltete Treiber und Softwarepakete sind immer häufiger das gewählte Einfallstor von fiesen Viren. Bei der Vielzahl an installierten Programmen auf dem Rechner fällt es aber immer schwerer, hier den Überblick zu behalten. "RadarSync PC Updater" scannt Ihr System nach installierten Programmen und Treibern und schlägt Alarm, falls veraltete Versionen erkannt werden. Mit einem Klick lassen sich diese aber schnell auf den neuesten Stand bringen. Fazit: Da gerade durch veraltete Software die Chance steigt, sich einen Virus einzufangen, ist "RadarSync PC Updater" eine sinnvolle Ergänzung für Antiviren-Tools auf jedem Computer."

04/16/2010: Hit Freeware RadarSync, Updated Windows Driver: "As we all know, sometimes you need the latest drivers for our operating system and this is especially true in the case of games, which may require the latest video card drivers than we have, or if we buy some new device or install any particular program, etc.. In all these cases, you must go and find the manufacturer drivers, find the page with the download, click several times to accept, and eventually download. This must be done individually for all drivers who want to upgrade. So here comes a program like RadarSync, which deals with itself to find and download the latest versions of the drivers we need, without any effort on our part. RadarSync is the only program that can do this"

12/16/2009: Software.com: Editor's Review: 4.5 Stars "I ran this on my fairly new Dell laptop and saw a couple of drivers needed updating and was a bit surprised to see some new software version were available on products I thought were updating themselves. RadarSync will keep my systems even more up-to-date than I was able to do."

12/16/2009: Getabest.com: 01/14/2010: SC Awards 2009, Editor's Choice: RadarSync PC Updater

12/16/2009: ICT Learning. Information Technology Webmastering and Network Case Studies: 01/12/2010: How to Improve Wireless Router Signal "Update the router is a driver or network adapter on your computer is to fix bugs, smoothen out the performance and reliability, and even add new features. Suggested use RadarSync easy to automatically update your computer drivers as well."

12/16/2009: Truly Remarkable Links of the 21st Century: "With Windows, you normally have to keep your drivers up to date otherwise the OS can crash or blue screen. Use RadarSync to automatically find the most recent drivers for your system."

12/24/09: Top 4 software updaters

12/01/2009: RadarSync Driver Alert Service has successfully passed antivirus and antispyware tests by DownloadRoute.com, which gave it a 100% CLEAN award! Test based on Avira, NOD32, Dr. Web, and Kaspersky anti-virus and anti-spyware scanning. Full report available here.

11/20/2009: Radar Sync Keeps Your Software and Drivers Updated "RadarSync is a great program for all those who want to keep their computers both secure and up to date."

Aspen Computer Services of Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado 11/17/2009: Need a Driver Update, But Don’t Know Where To Start? "In case you don’t know what a “driver” is, a hardware driver a small program that sits between your operating system (e.g. Windows XP or Windows Vista) and a specific piece of hardware (e.g. printer, monitor, sound card, hard drive).... I’m going to let you in on a little secret, however. It’s something that only computer enthusists and gamers know about: Updating your drivers will often give you a dramatic boost in your computer’s performance. Often it’s very noticable. ... But, here in our Fort Collins computer repair shop, we’ve discovered a program that we have really grown to love. It’s called RadarSync, available at www.radarsync.com. ...All in all, RadarSync is a great addition to update your outdated drivers and update your software. This alone will do a lot to speed up your system, make your system more stable and less prone to crashes."

Techie Buzz 11/23/2009: Keith Dsouza: Check & Download Windows 7 Drivers at RadarSync "If you have purchased a copy of Windows 7, most of your hardware drivers will be automatically detected. However, there are chances that some drivers may not be installed, as it may be old or unsupported on Windows 7. Keeping your drivers up-to-date allows you to run your system smoothly without problems. Unlike software updates, drivers are usually not available directly, and you need to visit the hardware manufacturer site to download them. "

LEHSYS Blogger News11/23/2009: Missing Windows 7 driver ? Checkout RadarSync "I have got 20 emails last night where people after checking out our upgrade and migration guide for Windows 7 had asked us what they would do for missing drivers in Windows 7. Though I am pretty sure that Windows 7 is providing the most updated drivers but still if you are missing RadarSync Windows 7 section had setup a nice search page which lets you find Windows 7 driver for your hardware if it fails to install on your computer."

Techie Buzz: 10/24/2009: Check & Download Windows 7 Drivers at RadarSync "Now RadarSync a driver update software, has created a list of device drivers specifically for Windows 7 32bit systems. You can browse the driver list and search for drivers for your specific hardware. The drivers on RadarSync are updated daily and contains drivers for the most popular hardware and laptops. If you have more than one drivers to download, you can add them to a single pack and download them all together."

Geek: 10/24/2009: Te falta algun driver de Windows 7 ? buscalo con RadarSync "Aunque estoy seguro de que Windows 7 proporciona los controladores más actualizados, pero aún si le faltan RadarSync Windows 7 , le permite encontrar el controlador de Windows 7 para tu hardware."

WebWorkerDaily: 10/22/2009: "Missing Windows 7 Drivers? Try RadarSync: While Windows 7 has far better driver support from the get-go than Vista did at launch, missing or out-of-date drivers can still cause you hardware headaches while upgrading."

GigaOM: 10/22/2009: "Windows 7 Is Here: What You Need to Know Now: Need windows 7 drivers? Try RadarSync"

Jake Widman, iTWire (Australia): 10/21/2009: "In preparation for the launch of Windows 7, RadarSync has reactivated its public driver download directory. Upgraders can search by device manufacturer or let the site's Updater software tell them what they need. The RadarSync repository is free to access. Users start by finding out what drivers they need, either because they know what components are in their PC or by using the Windows Control Panel to find out. They can then go to the website and browse for the drivers by manufacturer or by device name. Users who aren't confident of their ability to determine what they need can download the sites's Updater software, which scans their systems and prepares a list"

JKOntheRun: 10/22/2009 "RadarSync has opened up its driver database for free access to the public and offers searches by device manufacturer or device name. I hit it up to look for my Toshiba netbook’s Alps Touchpad Drivers and found them easily. I probably should have checked sooner because I was missing the scrolling capability on my netbook after installing Windows 7. RadarSync gets updated every other day, and the Windows 7 repository was started up back in March of this year, so it’s fairly extensive. "

Windows Guides: 09/22/2009: Radar Sync Keeps Your Software and Drivers Updated "Radar Sync Keeps Your Software and Drivers Updated RadarSync is a program designed to keep your drivers and software up to date. In this guide, you’ll learn what RadarSync does and then you can try it for yourself."

Rafe Needleman, CBS News: 8/28/2009 "If given the opportunity to update a video driver on a desktop computer, take it.... If your system says it has a graphics card update available, it's not a bad bet. The update will likely improve stability of your system overall, and if you play a lot of video games you may get a performance boost, too. "

Artiss: Get My Top 10 Freeware Programs! 7/13/2009 "Thanks to the nice people at RadarSync, my top 10 freeware programs are available to download in a single pack. A bit like Google Pack. But less Googley."

Tnerd: Create a Free Software Pack to Save Time, Keep Your Software and Drivers Up to Date! 6/26/2009 "Working your way through the list of “Must Have” softwares every time you re-install or format your computer can be a little tiresome. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like Google Pack which is packed with a collection of softwares that you feel are essential for your machine. So next time you re-install you machine all you have to do is download one pack from packzoola and all the softwares are automatically installed and also regularly updated. Well, there is a service that does just that, its called Packzoola!"

Colorado Springs Gazette: RadarSync updates apps for you 6/26/2009 "The problem is, a lot of applications don't have built-in tools for staying updated. Instead of checking each program - manually - to see whether it's up-to-date, RadarSync (tinyurl.com/prwk6z) checks and updates all the apps on your system for you."

I Love Free Software: Keep Your Drivers and Software Updated using Free RadarSync 6/12/2009 "RadarSync is a great free software, almost must for every PC."

tech know kishan: RadarSync: Best Free Windows Driver and Application Updater 6/12/2009 "Keeping your PC’s drivers and applications updated is always recommended to maintain system stability and security. Some softwares for scanning system drivers and performing these update tasks are Driver Detective, DriverAgent and DriverMagic which are not free, but RadarSync is free and is better then many of these paid driver update scanning softwares."

90 Creations: 24 Essential Apps for your PC 6/2009 "Keep your apps and drivers up-to-date for free with RadarSync. Keeping your software and hardware drivers up-to-date can be a nerve-wracking task but it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is just run RadarSync occasionally. Stop wasting time looking for updates, instead get RadarSync."

Lifehacker: RadarSync Keeps Your Programs Up to Date 5/31/2009 "For some, downloading software is a daily habit. Spot, download, install, forget. Problem is, a lot of applications don't have built-in tools for staying updated. Instead of checking each program—manually—to see if it's up-to-date, RadarSync checks and updates all the apps on your system for you."

Thak's Cool Links: RadarSync 5/31/2009 "This is a pretty sweet little update tool. Finds your outdated drivers and applications, and it even works on Windows 7. Which is good for me right now, since I’ve switched my main gaming rig over to W7 this weekend…"

Out of Warranty: How to Update All Device Drivers and Softwares on your PC with RadarSync 5/30/2009 "I highly recommend you to update all the drivers and softwares in your PC now! Your computer may be vulnerable....when you are keeping a copy of windows XP or Vista disc and a motherboard driver disc just in case you need to reformat your PC. The moment you reformat your PC you are actually installing the older versions of your operating system and motherboard, making your PC vulnerable. This sccenario is very common for technicians who formats pc over-and-over again on their day job. Next thing you know, you printer, cameras, etc does not work!.... After completely downloading everything, rest assured that your computer is healthy as it should be!"

MakeUseOf.com: Download Junkies, Update Your System With RadarSync 5/28/2009 "First, RadarSync scans your Windows system for programs which may need updating. It did not take long, even on a large, installation-heavy system like mine. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of programs the scanner recognized, including system drivers. Once the scan results appeared, I had the opportunity to select which updates to download. Alternately, I had the option to save the list as a software “pack” using RadarSync’s Packzoola service, which is free, for later use. Think of Packzoola packs as custom playlists for software which can be shared."

Downloadsquad.com: 5 Great Program Downloaders and Updaters for Windows 5/28/2009 "Want to keep both your applications and drivers updated? Check out RadarSync. The free (ad supported) version has all the functionality you need, and upgrading to the pro version will get you scheduled scanning and downloading. You can also choose to backup your software as an online pack with Packzoola. It's a nice safety net in case something goes horribly wrong with Windows and you have to re-download."

Radarsync Free Edition Review 5/24/2009 "The software playlists of over 2 million members can be browsed to find new software. With the help of RadarSync, your computer becomes all it was meant to be."

RadarSync - Free Edition virus clean award 5/21/2009 "Downloadplex.com guarantees that RadarSync - Free Edition and found CLEAN, which means that does not contain any form of malware (spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors)."

The really easy 10 step health plan for your PC 3/10/2009 "Many bespoke PCs come with built-in tools that automatically check for driver and selected program updates; if your PC doesn't have one, use the free RadarSync tool."

TipsFor.Us: A Very Important Program You Never Knew You Needed (RadarSync) 6/26/2009 "What I’m talking about here, though, is a free program (Free version of a paid program, in which the pay version is considerably more powerful and useful, but typically more powerful than a home user needs, like most anti-virus softwares): http://www.radarsync.com/ Now, I consider myself to be someone who takes pretty good care of their workstation, and, having just installed server 2008 on it, figured my drivers were up to date. After the first scan, I found that about 30 of my drivers were out of date. These weren’t basic drivers, like sound card, etc. They were everything from my chipset to my PCI controllers on my intel board. I did not run any pre-install benchmarks or anything fancy like that, but, after installation, I can definitely see a subtle improvement in the overall functionality of my box."

12 Essential Apps to Install on a New PC 12/7/2008 "Keep your apps and drivers up-to-date for free with RadarSync. Keeping your software and hardware drivers up-to-date can be a nerve-wracking task but it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is just run RadarSync occasionally. Stop wasting time looking for updates, instead get RadarSync."

RadarSync 2009-find driver and software updates for your system 11/25/2008 "RadarSync 2009 enables you to find driver and software updates for your system. It scans your computer and based on a online database of over 80,000 files, it aggregates a list of available updates for software and drivers on your PC. The resulting report includes details for all available updates, as well as convenient links to the file downloads. RadarSync can automatically creates a Windows restore point, allowing you to roll-back any changes you make as result of the selected updates. The program will not update your system automatically, but allows you to choose which updates to download and install."

5 Star review of RadarSync 2009 from IT professional Steve Mallard on BrightHub.com. 11/3/2008 "Are you tired of looking for drivers on the internet? With the confusing multitude of drivers on a manufacturer's website, it's sometimes impossible to find the correct driver. RadarSync Beta searches the internet to find the most up to date drivers for your computer"

RadarSync - Automatic Updates Checker 11/2008 "Manually searching and updating the applications and drivers in your system may be a tedious and time killing process. But, this free to use tool in your system you are sure to have the latest and correct updates for all the essential drivers and software installed."

Download Squad: RadarSync keeps your Windows doftware and drivers up to date 5/27/08 "While some of our favorite desktop applications automatically alert us when a newer version is available, many do not. Fortunately, there are several utilities that will scan your PC, compare the version numbers of your installed applications with an online database, and let you know if new versions are available for download." RadarSync does that, and more. Unlike other update checkers, RadarSync will scan not just for software updates, but also for driver updates.

PC Mag: 23 Powerful Utilities: 5/27/2008 "Windows' Automatic Updates keeps your Microsoft software up to date; RadarSync Free does the same for everything else... On a Windows XP test system without many installed programs, RadarSync identified updates for Firefox and Windows Media Player. I installed them, rescanned, and got a lovely message that my computer was in good shape. That's what I want to see! My children's system, running Vista, also reached the "good shape" stage after I installed the handful of updates that RadarSync requested."

PC World's Jon L. Jacobi: 5/20/2008 "RadarSync's scan performed flawlessly, finding that my Intel PCI and nVidia 8400 drivers were out of date, as well as my True Image, Nero, AVG, and Picasa software. It downloaded the updates, and even offered to run them for me. I especially appreciated the Details dialog (invoked by a details link next to every update in the list) provides scads of info about the file versions, version history, and even competing products. RadarSync Free... is extremely useful--it's found a permanent place in my utility folder and that's about as complimentary as I get."

Best Free Drivers Update Program: 5/20/2008 "My freeware only PC needs to be up to date, not only with the programs installed, but also with the device drivers. I think you would agree that searching for drivers updates over the internet can be very time-consuming, so I need a freeware program that could do that for me. Did I find one? Of course I did. Actually I found a few, but I was disappointed with most of them because they say they are free, but when it comes to really downloading a driver update things tend to change slightly. The one that I decided to keep is RadarSync, really free and really good."

Slashdot: "RadarSync writes to plug their page of links to Vista drivers. Listed are many drivers that Microsoft doesn't have and that aren't easily found on the manufacturer's sites. For Intel alone, 364 drivers are currently linked."

ZiffDavis: RadarSync: Your New Vista Driver Repository "Although Vista is shipping with thousands of driver updates, those who are upgrading a self-built machine from XP to Vista might find they are missing at least a few component drivers not included with the new OS. So the site should be useful..."

lifehacker.com: Find Vista drivers at RadarSync "When you're upgrading your PC to Windows Vista this week and you're missing hardware drivers, check out RadarSync's collection of Vista drivers, compiled in one place for your download pleasure."

http://tech.yahoo.com: Vista Arrives Tonight: Find Drivers, Upgrade Warnings "If searching the web manually or digging around in those awful vendor websites doesn't really float your boat, check out RadarSync, which is offering a free, easy-to-browse clearinghouse for Vista drivers."

gamerscircle.net: Get Your Vista Drivers From RadarSync "... Instead of wasting hours googling like we did, head to RadarSync and grab the drivers there."

gizmodo.com: Get Your Vista Drivers From RadarSync

Lifehacker: Keep your drivers up to date with RadarSync "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to figure out which of the software/peripherals/various programs on your computer need to be updated, without a lot of fuss? Enter RadarSync, a nice little app that scans your machine, tells you what needs to be updated, and then points directly to the file that needs to be downloaded. The scan part is free, but if you want to use their direct links service you'll have to pay."

PC Magazine: "New Utilities for a Happy, Healthy PC"